Avenue for the Arts [______] Space

307 S. Division serves as a multi-faceted space, evolving to meet the needs of the community. Being placed directly on Division not only allows our staff to directly engage with the community, but also allows us to use the space for more than just work. The multiple purposes of the space include:

  • headquarters of Avenue for the Arts
  • office for Learning Lab interns who facilitate all Avenue events
  • gallery space showcasing local and national artists
  • educational hub for those new to the Avenue
  • a community meeting space

The name, Avenue for the Arts [Work] Space reflects the flexibility of the space. As the purpose of the space changes, we are able to change the name to Avenue for the Arts [Meeting] Space, [Gallery] Space, et cetera.


At Avenue for the Arts, we strive to assist the continual revitalization of the Division Avenue Corridor. For a decade, Avenue has served as a staple of Downtown Grand Rapids, allowing for the cultivation of creativity, incubating new businesses, fostering inclusive events, and re-envisioning the Heartside neighborhood.  Once a desolate street, Division Avenue has transformed into a vibrant commercial and residential corridor with local businesses, art galleries, and affordable dwellings. Having [Work] Space has allowed the expansion of our mission.


Not only does 307 serve as a headquarters for Avenue for the Arts, but it also acts as work space for our Learning Lab interns. The internship positions provide individuals interested in creativity, community outreach, building of a non-profit, and communications. Hosted by Dwelling Place, the program creates a multitude of opportunities to engage with the community, develop projects, and host Avenue for the Arts events.


The space at 307 S. Division allows us to bring in local and national artists. Since the inception of our space we have held a couple of exhibitions, with more to come. Shows include:



307 S. Division also gives room to meet with the community. We do so through community Advisory Committee meetings on the second Wednesday of every month. Each month the Advisory Committee oversees new and upcoming events and evaluates opportunities for community engagement in an open meeting. The Advisory Committee is here to provide a forum for this community, to share and discuss innovation and events past and present. The vision for the Avenue for the Arts is set by the Advisory Committee and is that the Avenue for the Arts Activities should:

  • Provide a place for artists
  • Build a sustainable creative community
  • Be an inclusive opportunity to direct a multitude of voices, cooperative and transparent
  • Provide a service for Artists including resources, education
  • Promote of the Avenue for the Arts


To fulfill this vision the committee will focus on collaboration, diversity while building an economy of art and a place where business and residents can build permanence and sustain.


If you would like to be added to the email list for Advisory Committee meetings please email Jenn at Jschaub@dwellingplacegr.org. Meetings are open for anyone to attend.




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