Tips for a successful Market event!

Market-ing Yourself!

Your success is our success. Therefore, we will do our best to ensure a great event by handling the permitting, logistics, advertising and publicity with professionalism and attention to detail.

However, that’s only part of the job. There are several steps you can take toward a profitable market. Below are some tips on how to market yourself and your work to the fullest potential. Following these suggestions will not only lead to personal success, it will make it easier for us to help you.


9301039689_02a681a1a9_zBEFORE THE MARKET:

  • Get organized! Make sure you have all your product, displays & fixtures, and tables & seating prepared and ready. There is nothing worse than forgetting that  new painting or pair of earrings you just made, or forgetting a chair and having to stand the whole time!
  • PROMOTE! We need you to help promote the event. Share it with your family, friends, and community around you! Check out our Website,Facebook Group,  and Twitter!
  • SHARE! If you haven’t yet, email us back with an image or two of  your work so that we can promote it on our site in the vendor/artists section! Also, share your work via facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc! Make sure you use #avenueforthearts  so that we can reshare your work as well!
  • Get those questions and concerns out! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the event, let us know! The faster you bring something to our attention, the sooner you’ll get an answer! Please don’t wait until the day of the event! You can e-mail us at
  • Make! Have plenty of work on display and make sure it has varied price points! If you only have a few things on display, the likelihood of selling your work won’t be as great as if you had a table full of awesome goods!


  • Engage your audience, people want to hear about your work, a smile is a great way to start a conversation!
  • Keep a guest book to accumulate names and addresses for your email or mailing list.
  • Be flexible and accommodating to your customers – If they have questions about your work, gladly offer insight. If they want something changed or different, maybe suggest they make a custom order through you.  If your work is at a price point where your customers can’t afford it, try making smaller, or less time consuming versions.
  • Market yourself. You are your own best salesperson.
  • Keep your display updated with new and exciting work.
  • Greet your customers with a friendly smile – but give them space to browse.
  • Display your name and prices.
  • Proudly present your bio and business cards.
  • Take pride in your personal appearance. Dress for success!
  • Maintain your display, browse boxes and pedestals and keep all in nice condition.
  • When someone shows interest in your work offer inspirations or background. This creates a personal bond between the patron, the work, and you.
  • Take responsibility for your own success. The Market gives you the opportunity to participate in an art show, but cannot guarantee your sales. That is up to you! The above steps can lead you to a successful day with The Market!
  • Sell work at a variety of price points- some people can only afford $5-10 pieces or are looking for $20.00 gifts. By providing varied pricing, you’ll have a better chance at making for sales.


  • Send any photos you take to our email at for possible future promo opportunities.
  • Mail or email a personalized flyer to your customers with a list of your upcoming shows once you are confirmed.
  • Tell your friends & family about your experience at The Market! Let them know there will be another one on Friday August First!  Continue to promote your work, and share The Market event with everyone!

Now for a few don’ts …

  • Don’t fail to get your customers’ addresses for your mailing list.
  • Don’t become unorganized. Make sure your product and display are organized.
  • Don’t sit in the back of your booth and read a book.
  • Don’t ignore the customers who are in your booth.
  • Don’t pre-determine your customers’ buying capabilities based on their appearance.
  • Don’t smoke cigars, cigarettes or vape in your booth.
  • Don’t be inflexible when it comes to your customers’ satisfaction. It can hurt future sales for everyone.
  • Don’t let your artwork and booth become stale, outdated and boring.
  • Don’t project a negative attitude towards customers and fellow artists.

Once again, your success is our success so we hope you find these tips helpful and that you have a great Market experience! Thank you!

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