Who We Are

Dwelling Place has been providing affordable housing, essential support services and working as a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization in the Heartside neighborhood for over 29 years. To support this mission of neighborhood rejuvenation, the Dwelling Place has created the Neighborhood Revitalization Department (NRD), headed by director Heather Ibrahim and support staff person, Jenn Schaub. Jenn Schaub serves as Avenue for the Arts event coordinator has been involved with coordinating supportive services for over 8 years in the Heartside area.

Avenue for the Arts members are artists, crafts persons and venues who participate in Avenue for the Arts shows.

Search our member directory to find artist participants for your next show or commission. Profiles include an image of the artists’ work and links to their websites, online shops and blogs.

Advisory Committee

The Avenue for the Arts Advisory Committee shapes the vision, events and activities centered on the Avenue for the Arts. The committee provides a forum for the community, to share and discuss innovation and events past and present. Passionate about art and community, committee members and attend monthly meetings and develop new ways to engage our neighbors and artists.

Attend Planning meetings at 307 South Division or set up a meeting with Jenn by emailing avenueforthearts@gmail.com

Visit our calendar for planning meetings dates and details.


Avenue for the Arts helps shape the creative community on South Division. Community members do this by helping to select public artworks, working on neighborhood beautification projects and planning popular local art events. Learn more about the Heartside Neighborhood here.