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#artmatters: A crowd funding campaign for 307 South Division


We’ve made unprecedented progress transforming the South Division corridor and need your help establishing the Avenue for the Arts [Work] Space to 307 S. Division. The Avenue for the Arts is a grassroots community-led organization and staying true to our philosophy, we need our larger community network (this means you!) to help us reach our goal.




10 Years Making an Impact 

For nearly a decade, The Avenue for the Arts has been a downtown staple, cultivating creativity, fostering inclusive events, incubating new businesses and revisioning the neighborhood. The Avenue for the Arts activities are a catalyst for revitalization along the Division Avenue corridor. Once a stark and abandoned street, Division Avenue is now a vibrant commercial corridor with local businesses, art galleries, and affordable dwellings. As we work to continuously expand our reach and impact, we need a physical place to call home.


Establishing a Headquarter 

Avenue for the Arts has been presented with the opportunity to utilize a new storefront space along the South Division corridor as our “headquarters.” Imagine a multipurpose space that functions as:

  • headquarters for the Avenue for the Arts
  • office for learning lab interns who facilitate all Avenue events
  • gallery space showcasing local artists
  • education/infospot where Avenue newcomers can get more information
  • a community meeting space

The name, Avenue for the Arts [Work] Space reflects the flexibility of the space to evolve and meet the multi-layered needs of our community. As the purpose of the space changes, we’re able to change the name to Avenue for the Arts [Meeting] Space, [Gallery] Space, etcetera.



Our Goal 

None of this can happen without your help! We need to raise $10,000 to start up and maintain the space! We need money for:

  • Rent
  • Internet
  • Utilities
  • Tables, Chairs, and other Furnishings
  • Supplies – anything from office supplies to toiletries, you name it, we probably need it.

We won’t leave you empty handed, though, we have great incentives for your thoughtful contributions. Avenue Artists are making limited edition and one of a kind rewards to say THANK YOU!  Ready to give now? Click here! 

More about Avenue for the Arts 

Not familiar with the Avenue for the Arts?
The Avenue for the Arts is a neighborhood title for the South Division commercial corridor. We are residential, commercial and nonprofit groups working together in a creative community. We are residents in Heartside, and active participants in shaping change in our neighborhood. In 2005, we choose the Avenue for the Arts as a title to represent our commercial corridor and the projects and events that we create.



Support for Avenue for the Arts programming is coordinated by Dwelling Place‘sNeighborhood Revitalization Department, which works to promote economic development in the Heartside area. Working to enhance not only the physical appearance of the commercial district, Dwelling Place works to promote the commercial district’s assets to customers, investors, businesses, visitors, and citizens. The Neighborhood Revitalization Department builds upon the existing economic base, promoting new business development.

Over the course of a year…..

Over the last 10 years that Dwelling Place has supported Avenue for the Arts we have seen residents and community members dedicate themselves to making change and we know that #artmatters. This year we want to move the excitement, activity and action into an accessible public space located at 307 South Division. Please  join us.

Connect with the Avenue on Facebook ( follow our page or join our group) or on Twitter. All month long we will be sharing the story of why #artmatters to us!





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