Call for Proposals – Free Radical Curators

The Avenue for the Arts is looking for curators for the Free Radical Shows!
Traditionally; Free Radical event coordinators seek out new work by Grand Rapids artists. This year we are asking curators to stretch the idea of a show or exhibition and ask artists to move one step beyond. We want curators who ask their artists to be radical, take risks and be different. From students to professionals and self taught intuitive artists, this event will focus on unique bodies of work, new creative explorations or fresh ideas. In 2014, the Fall Free Radical will be coordinated by a team of curators who are responsible for identifying emerging concepts and working with artists to create cohesive and thoughtful exhibitions.

Shows will be selected on the following criteria:

1. Concept Strength – Does the curator have a strong sense of vision? Have they considered concepts that push the boundaries of previous shows/ exhibitions?

2. Appropriateness for Sites – Can the exhibition be sized to fit the scale of the spaces available? Ideas that can take place in outdoor spaces and in windows will receive special consideration.

3. Feasibility – Is the exhibition concept able to be completed in the time allotted, does the show push artists but remain reasonable to produce?


Requirements for all exhibitions:
– All sites must participate on Friday, November 7th.

– Sites must be located along South Division Avenue between Fulton and Wealthy Street.
– Sites must have a curator
– Curators select artists– we encourage curators to choose a minimum of at least one artist from our list of Avenue member artists.
– Artwork must be new (within 1 year)
– Documentation of the venue / show will be displayed on November 14th at the Conversation series.

Hosted by Avenue for the Arts, Free Radical will take place the first two weekends in November, from 6-10pm.

  • The FRG Shows: Friday, November 7th,
  • The FRG Conversations: Friday, November 14th.

On Friday, November 14th the Avenue will present commentary of the exhibition in the form of reviews, video, photography, conversations, etc. . .

We will welcome discussion, discourse and critique within our creative community.


If you’re in the Grand Rapids area (student, self taught, professional, hobbyist, etc.) and would like to curate a space in the Fall Free Radical, please complete the application form and submit it by 5:00pm on September 24th to


Responsibilities of Curator:

  • Develop themes & complete the submission process by 5pm on September 23th.
  • Select artists
  • Work with artists to develop cohesive exhibition
  • Write curatorial statement for site collect and display support material including artist statements
  • Produce cohesive art work tags for every piece
  • Establish sales list and procedure
  • Act as artist liaison for drop off/pick up / hanging/take down of work
  • Envision and execute show display and set up
  • Lead host at your site for event.
    — Important Dates for Curators :
  • September 10th, 24th / October 8th, 22nd, 29th – Attend informational Free Rad planning meetings @ 307 South Division, 5:30pm
  • November 1st-6th – Hang Free Rad shows
  • November 7th – Free Radical Shows, 6-10pm (event date)
  • November 14th – Free Radical Conversations, 6-10pm, Location TBA.


Submissions are due 5pm, September 23th, 2014.
For any further questions contact


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