Marlee- Shop owner, launches new Residency at Have Company (Story Matters- The Rapidain)

Annie- Learning Lab, Arts Professional, Avenue Member (Story Matters- The Rapidian)

Get to know Art.Downtown.

Elyse- Boutique Owner, Leather craftsperson, Art.Downtown. Participant (Story Matters- The Rapidian)

Kate- Potter, Curator, Avenue Member (Story Matters-The Rapidian)

Nicole- A New Member Shares her Avenue Experience (Story Matters- The Rapidian)

Holiday Shopping Along the Avenue

Free Radical{the Conversations} a preview

The Challenges of Showing Art in Grand Rapids- a Free Radical Panel Discussion

  Panelists from left to right: Brett Colley, Paul Wittenbraker, Amy Wilson and Deb Rockman  

What did you experience, FRG November 1st, 2013