Avenue for the Arts and Heartside Gallery

Introduced by episode host Marcus McKissic. See Avenue for the Arts, check out one of Dwelling Place’s live/work spaces for artists, and then hear the inspiring stories of artists at Heartside Studio and Gallery. Part of…

Artist Talk in the L-loft.

The L-Loft – 106 South Division, Second Story #215 Revolutionary Art presents: Conceptual Flux Documenter, Dakota Shayne, moderates an “Artists Roundtable” discussion with the participating artists. The conversation, discusses the exhibit theme (Realism/Abstract) and other art…

Fredy Santigo’s Video up on Vimeo

Pub 43- 43 South Division Slow Venom: Like a Virgin?: View Fredy Santigo’s VIDEO about the art and artists of Slow Venom: Like a Virgin? The video is showing on the screens at Pub 43! And…

Aaminah Shakur’s Zine and Laurel Green’s article are Published!

Aaminah Shakur’s Zine is finished and printed. Pick up a copy at Vertigo when venture to see Map of Tasmania at Free Radical closing reception. Check out Laurel Green’s Article at the Rapidian.org

Radio Interview on WGVU’s Morning Show

Radio interview with Organizers Kyle Schroder, Jenn Schaub and curator Aj Paschka on WGVU’s Morning Show with Shelley Irwin.

Interactive Poster

Jennifer Akins- Pictures from the interactive poster documenting the entire event and the Avenue.

Juliet Bennett Rylah’s collected thoughts on Free Radical 2012!

Juliet Bennett Rylah‘s collected thoughts on Free Radical 2012! “Is that a real gun?” A zombie says this while grabbing the handle. Her follow-up question, “Are you a real cop?” “No,” I say. “Please don’t do…

Starving Artist- 209 South Division

Starving Artist- 209 South Division Well Fed: Moving into Well Fed, will be the artist group BUREAUX as they break out of the Uhaul and investigate the specimens of themselves, attempting to formulate a collective theory…

Sanctuary Folk Art- 140 South Division

Sanctuary Folk Art- 140 South Division Collage 4: Check out Sierra Cole’s ART BOOK from the Collage 4 exhibition. http://colesier.uberflip.com/i/91373

Ceramic Incidence in the context of Grand River Cigar

Grand River Cigar- 131 South Division Suite #200 Photographer Mark Andrus captures images of the artwork at Ceramic Incidence in the context of Grand River Cigar. http://bit.ly/VM9cDj