Free Rad. Nov. 1st- The Shows

Wondering where to go and what to see on November 1st? Check out our list of participating venues, artists, curators and documeters. Want to find out more or get a sneak peak at some of the artwork? Connect with us on Facebook. 

98 East Fulton St Suite 202 -WestMichiganCenter for Arts and Technology

Please join WestMichiganCenter for Arts + Technology (WMCAT) for an opening reception to celebrate the talents of ten local artists/designs, who teach in our Teen Arts Program. This exhibition includes a wide-range of work such as photography, textile work, app design and more!


2 Fulton Street W. – Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA)

First and Second Floor

Pulso: Arte de las Americas/Art of the Americas

Spanning between KCAD and the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA), Pulso is rooted in an exploration of the ways in which regional boundaries affect the perception of art. While the artists involved all have ties to Latin America, this collaborative exhibition frees itself from the confines of such labels by allowing the diversity of medium and subject matter to challenge cultural preconceptions of contemporary art and strengthen the dialogue among artists, both locally and globally.

Curator: Salvador Jiménez Flores

Artists: Hugo Claudin Salvador Jiménez Flores


Film Theater

Beautiful Prisoner

A Gorilla Pictures Premier of Beautiful Prison is a heavily stylized, genre-blending narrative focused around a brain damaged man, who, after a violent accident, awakens with a restored intellect and a supernatural ability to control the happenings of his world. Tonally, Beautiful Prison plays in and out of several different genres: action, familial abuse, horror, romance, and comedy. The world is often mysterious, occasionally wonderful, and at times terrifying. (83 min)


Fifth Floor

ZERO+ Work by Tom Duimstra

Tom Duimstra’s work expands outward from a central point of minimalism. He expands out into a world of texture, color, and mark-making. The work communicates an artistic balance of receiving and giving, looking and responding, that draws viewers in. The conversation between universal and personal is created when Duimstra incorporates elements of the visual language of the everyday into his creations. ZERO+ organizes the subtle and dynamic expansions of his work into an mature and evocative showcase.

Curator: Alexander Pasckha

Artist: Tom Duimstra


UICA Free Radcial Show – Floor 4


Opening on Dia de los muertos, Finados features artists’ departures from and investigations into traditional Day of the Dead imagery and themes.

Curator: Heather Duffy

Artists: Michele Bosak, Salvador Jimenez and more.


 UICA Free Radcial Show – Floor 4


A/Political is a show that embraces diverse socio-political challenges and critiques the binary opposition between “the political” and “the apolitical”.

Curator: Steven Michielsen

Artists: Jessica Pleyel, Rickie Andersson Jr,  Amanda Carmer, Anthony Mead, Jessica Page,  Natalie Phillips and more.


40 S. Division – Craft House


Artwork inspired by the poem “One Today” by Richard Blanco

Curator: Amanda Carmer

Documenter: Taylor Greenfield

Artists: Eana Agopian, Amanda Carmer, Jillian Brown, Darlene Kaczmarczyk


42 S. Division -Live/Work 42

Part of a World

A show by Duende Projects


43 S. Division – Pub 43

Slow Venom III: Resurrection

Returning for a third time to Pub 43 is a group of artists creating work around the theme of Halloween.Wear your costumes and join us for the evening!

Curator: Annamarie Buller & Tony Shectman

Artists:  Beverly, Barbara Counsil, Alexandra Johnson, Jess Keeney, Josh McVety, Miranda Sharp, James Tingley and more.


44 S. Division – Spiral

Here. Now

For our inaugural show we are going to display contemporary paintings by Kendall graduates.

Curators: Steven Vinson & Sarah Knill

Documenter: Sarah Knill

Artists: Tatsuki Hakoyama, Sarah Knill, Steven Vinson and more.


46 S. Divsion -WD Photography

Vanishing Point

a storefront window installation examining perspective in the formal visual art sense as well as the human ability to perceive and have opinions

Curator/ Artist: Danielle Wyckoff


48 S. Division – Heartside Art Gallery

Open Studio

Come create artwork with the reshest bunch in town.

Curator: Fuzzy Jane

Artists: 40+ Heartside Artists


62 S. Division – Adam Bird Photography Studio

Starter Art

“Starter Art” brings affordable art to old and new collectors.

Curator: Miranda Sharp

Documenter: Lynsey Marcellus

Artists: Hannah Kennedy, Lynsey Marcellus, Matthew Hansen, Miranda Sharp, Lisa Ambrose, Alysen Hester, Josh McVety and more.


100 Commerce – Lantern Coffee House


Three artists paint new stories about people, animals and the created world.

Artists: Aj Cooke, Kathryn Robertson & Joseph DeCommer


106 S. Division – CalvinCollege (106) Gallery

First Floor

Dark Flight

Through appropriated, altered, and original lens-based imagery, “Dark Flight” borrows aesthetic and poetic surplus from the practices of meteoritics, ornithology, and rock collecting to better understand how humans search for, perceive, and understand a range of natural phenomena that are just outside the limits of human understanding.


 Lower Level

The Creative Divide

The Kendall Illustration Club will be presenting pieces that are the very essence of creativity. From paintings to drawings, and cartoons to renderings, The Creative Divide represents all facets of Illustrations.

Artists: Kirbi Fagan, Alexandra Johnson and more


106 S. Division #215 – The L-Loft


Curator: Derrick Hollowell


106 S. Division Curbside – Free Radical Gallery 

There/Here: A Mobile Exhibit

There/Here: A Mobile Exhibit explores themes of transplantation, displacement, and mobility. The exhibit will be installed in a pair of enclosed cargo trailers retrofitted as white cube spaces; during its run, There/Here will dock at different venues in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.

Curator/Documenter/Artists: GrandValleyStateUniversity


117 S. Division – Propaganda Doughnuts


A collection of mixed media that explores the self through beauty, nature, mortality, and the baggage we choose to carry along the way.

Curator: Abbey Blodgett/Alaina Clarke

Documenter: Dan Miller

Artists: Cynthia Ford, Hallie Leblanc, Joshua Geller, Alaina Clarke & Abbey Blodgett


120 S. Division Streetside- Free Radical Gallery 


Echoes of the big bang still haunt our atmosphere in the form of television static.  What can be learned about our own nature by studying these electromagnetic ghosts of our collective birth?


120 S. Divsion – Mexicains Sans Fronteries

Curator: Hugo Caludin


120 S. Divsion Apt 125 – Parliment the Botique

Parliament Takes Flight: Free Radical at Parliament the Boutique

Please join us as Parliament the Boutique introduces the work of fellow hand-crafted makers to the shop, just in time for the holiday season. In addition to the work of Littlewings Designs, we now will be carrying the work of other artisans who are independently operated and give unique nods to fibers and natural materials in their work.

Curator: Elyse Welcher

Artists: Amber Gerard, Ashley Lieber, Abbey Blodgett, Elyse Welcher and more.


121 S. Division – Free Radical Gallery

City, Country, and Mouse

A triad of paintings which transition from realistic rural landscape to abstract cityscape, utilizing a rich, earthy color palette with mixed media elements.

Curator and Artist: Danielle Walsh


122 S. Division – Fat Johnny’s

Windows and Walls

This  show features work that explores patterns and textures found in nature. While the work seems familiar at first and lets you in, it also blocks the viewer from knowing exactly what it is.

Curator: Megan Gurisko

Artists: Megan Gurisko, Monica Lloyd, Susan Klein, Jessica Page


129 S. Division – Vertigo Music


”As artists, we have a chance to use our voice in a way that people will listen. Though I enjoy pieces that are for aesthetic appeal, I would like to have pieces about something that matters. The macro is to say something and the micro is the artist using their medium to display a message that is important to them.”

Curator: Claire Lea

Documenter: n/a

Artists: Jenna Para


136 S. Divsion – Have Company

Have Company is a general store specializing in local handmade goods, small publications, & working together.Featuring the work of Anvilgoods 15% off vintage goods.

Curator: Marlee Grace Hanson


138 S. Division – Sanctuary Folk Art

Curator: Dave Warmenhoven

Artists: Reb Roberts, Tom D., Dave Warmenhoven, Paul Warfield and more.


235 S. Division Apt 100 – Shen Dojo

Limitless Space Opening

A dynamic experience between several fields fo art including Music Installation, Fine Art, Interactive Art, Martial Arts,Film and Performance Art. Enjoy the creative space with limitless tea served to you in handmade ceramic cups available for a $5 suggested donatioin to benefit a musical performance at 7 pm by Breathe Owl Breathe.

Curator: Kate Lewis

Documenters: BrandonLake & Adora Trostle

Artists: Daniel Muschiana, Kate Lewis, BrandonLake, Anthony Mead, Dr. Gregory Lawton and Randi Ford


235 S. Division Apt 111 – Gaspard Gallery 

Sacred & Profane

Gaspard is pleased to present a public installation of new photographic works by Chris Cox. These photographs give insight into the forthcoming artist book to be published and released by Gaspard December 2013.

Curator/ Documenter: Chris Cox

Artists: Gaspard Artist Group


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