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Dwelling Place is pleased to announce the 9th Annual Heartside Neighborhood Talent Show! Come join us for a night of music, dance, and comedy that is sure to brighten anyone’s day.


Tickets can be purchased at the door and cost $6. Come support the Heartside community, your friends, neighbors, and other familiar faces as they belt it out, bust a move, and put their best face forward. Singers will be accompanied by a live, professional band!


Come watch DJ P, featuring Heartside D, perform his latest hip-hop creation; Marvel at Christa LeFeure as she performs the same contortion routine that she performed on the Gong Show 34 years ago!; and you’ll laugh until your stomach hurts as you listen to Kelly Berry perform his original stand up comedy.

This event is supported by local businesses and residents of Heartside. Special thanks to our spotlight sponsor, Cherry Street Health Services, . For other events like this, and for continued updates on “Heartside’s Got Talent,” search and join the group “Avenue for the Arts” on Facebook. For more information regarding “Heartside’s Got Talent,” contact Zack Lindell at


he Pyramid Scheme (68 Commerce SW) will be hosting a magical night of live entertainment, put on by local Heartside residents.


Monday, May 6th, 2013 at 6:00pm


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