Pulso Opens at UICA

Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD) is celebrating the opening of Pulso | Art of the Americas, a unique collaborative exhibition with Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA), at a reception to be held on Wednesday, October 30 from 6-9 p.m.

Featuring the work of 28 national and international artists, Pulso is rooted in an exploration of the ways in which regional boundaries affect the perception of art. While the artists involved all have ties to Latin America, this collaborative exhibition frees itself from the confines of such labels by allowing the diversity of medium and subject matter to challenge cultural preconceptions of contemporary art and strengthen the dialogue among artists, both locally and globally.

“This group of artists challenges the clichéd perceptions of what art of the Americas is by exploring a wide range of media and themes,” said Salvador Jiménez, the KCAD Community Arts Advocate who served as guest curator for the exhibition. “We want to represent a diverse group of artists positioned within the broadest developments of contemporary art. Most are international exhibitors.”

Both the reception and the exhibition will span between KCAD, which will host work in the newly remodeled and expansive Fed Galleries, and UICA, which will utilize a variety of its versatile gallery spaces.

The following artists are being featured at KCAD:

·        Carlos Aceves

·        Carlos Barberena

·        Mandy Cano Villalobos

·        Javier Chavira

·        Nacho Chincoya

·        Miguel Cortez

·        Edith García

·        Sergio Gomez

·        Alynn Guerra

·        Las Hermanas Iglesias

·        Nicole Marroquin

·        Gretchen Minnhaar

·        Esteban de Valle

·        Margaret Vega

The other fourteen artists, listed below, are being featured at UICA:

·        Saul Aguirre

·        Adriana Baltazar

·        Felipe Baez

·        Juan Angel Chávez

·        Hugo Claudin  

·        Salvador Jiménez Flores                                                

·        Eric García        

·        María Gaspar      

·        Gerardo Hacer

·        Ulises Matamoros Ascención  

·        Alfonso “Piloto” Nieves Ruiz

·        Marcos Raya                                    

·        Ricardo Santos Hernández                                                                      

·        Gabriel Villa                                      

Pulso will further the strong collaborative bond between two institutions that share a common goal of community engagement.

“It’s always been natural to work with UICA,” KCAD Director of Exhibitions Sarah Joseph noted. “Now that a permanent partnership has been forged between our two organizations, we’re in an even better position to expand the exhibition’s reach.”

 “Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts is proud to showcase current Latin American artists and build stronger connections to the Hispanic community in Grand Rapids,” added UICA Exhibitions Curator Alexander Paschka. “We chose our pieces to highlight the collaborative nature UICA seeks to build between the diverse communities of West Michigan.”

Pulso opens Oct. 30 and will run through Dec. 4. Additional events and programming surrounding the exhibition will be announced in the days to come.


About KCAD:

As a unique part of Ferris State University, Kendall College of Art and Design prepares students for leadership in the visual arts, design, art history, and art education; provides innovative, collaborative education that fosters intellectual growth and individual creativity; and promotes the ethical and civic responsibilities of artists and designers, locally and globally. For more information, please visit www.kcad.edu.
About UICA:
Located on the busiest intersection in Grand Rapids, the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts initiates conversation with cutting-edge visual art, film, performance, literature, music, education programs and events. Partnering with regional, national, and international artists, the UICA offers innovative experiences with the latest art forms and the newest creative ideas – groundbreaking work that might not otherwise find a venue in Michigan.

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