Sometimes youve got to loose it all…November Newsletter 2013

There is a moment when the computer freezes and you panic. The newsletter that has taken 2 days to compile….somehow you forgot to save it…ever. Because of tragic loss of prose, we aren’t going to be schmanzy this month, we aren’t going to get cheeky or insightful, instead here is the Avenue lowdown, short simple and too the point.
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Free Radical Schedule 

News from the AvenueDocumentation: Limitless at Shen Dojo

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The Avenue is built on feedback from residents, business owners, visitors, artists and curators. So this month, take 10 and tell us what we did well in 2013 and where we could improve in 2014. The survey should take about 10 minutes but you have to do it all at once and it’s only open for a short time…..Click here to take survey
Artist Awesomeness 

In 2013 we launched a membership program along the Avenue and now have over 207 members. This month members can swing by the UICA on November 8th from 6-10 and pick up a pile of member swag and a rad membership zine. Not a member yet? There is still time!

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Did you know you can download the Avenue for the Arts logo and promotions kit on our website? We encourage businesses and pop up spaces along South Division to promote their location by using the Avenue logo! Place it on your website, print promo, t-shirt designs, you name it!
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Sassfest (23 Nov 2013)

First Friday Gallery Hop (6 Dec 2013)


This year, Free Radical Gallery, is focusing on fostering a rich, lively dialogue and discussion surrounding the shows during the first night of the event. We asked Monica Lloyd why the conversations surrounding Free Radical are so important …..


“We want the normally one night event to exist longer and delve deeper. With discussions about the first night of the event, our hope is that visitors, curators, documenters, and artists, will begin thinking more critically about what Free Radical is, and it’s larger context within the art world. We want to talk about what we are doing, so that we can give it more purpose and begin positioning ourselves in the Grand Rapids community, the city, the state, and the country. So frequently, we look at art, and move on, but what if we spent more time with it, and allowed it to occupy a larger space within our minds and our communities?”


As so we are going to keep talking. Friday, November 8, from 6pm-10pm, we have scheduled a series of speakers and panel discussions, covering topics, such as the history of Free Radical, histories of non-traditional shows and spaces, and challenges of exhibiting artwork in Grand Rapids. There will also be critiques of shows viewed on the first night of the event, an interactive mapping piece, and a variety of displays of documentation of the event. Please join us… find out more on our website.


Free Radical{the conversations} November 8thUICA, 2 West Fulton 6-10pm.


6-7pm Where we’ve been: A History of Free Radical and show spaces on South Division Moderator: Annamarie Buller With artists: Hugo Claudin, Tom Duimstra, Erwin Erkfitz  & Mark Rumsey


7:20 pm The Cultural Context: A brief history of “nontraditional” shows and spaces. Speaker Anna Campbell


8-9 pm The Challenges of Exhibiting Artwork in Grand Rapids Moderator: Jenn Schaub With artists: Brett Colley, Deb Rockman , Paul Wittenbraker & Amy Wilson


9-10 pm Reflect and Interpret:  10 minute criticism/critiques about shows/exhibits With commentary: Tamara Fox, Andrew Klein, Will Juntunen, Maureen Nollette and Mandy Cano Villalobos



Interactive exhibits:

  • Where we’ve been: A mapping project
  • What we saw: An exhibit of documentation of FRG shows


Documenters include: Dan Miller, Marie Brown, Tony Wright, Jaclyn Clark, Chris Cox, Taylor Greenfield,Brandon Lake, Amanda A. Sterling, Mark Andrus, Samuel Ging, Justine Montigny, Lynsey Marcellus, Sarah Knill, Monica Orange, Ashlee Lambart, Shea Haddad, Tim Holstad, TJ Mathieu, Tony VanVugt, Dani Truss, Will Olson



Two Free Radical exhibitions:

  • Finados Curator Heather Duffy
  • Apolitical Curator: Steven Michielsen

Swagland Providing free refreshments and Avenue Member Swag since 2013.


News from the AvenueThe Forrest got a shout out this month in Rapid Growth Media and the UICA’s ceramics studio is getting an overhaul into a mixed use meeting/venue collaboration space.


Don’t miss: Tom Duimstra’s opening Zero+ at the UICA (2 WestFulton) on November 15th(106) South Division is hosting Sassfest on November 23rd.


Also on December 4th join us for the first annual Avenue for the Arts review where we will be reviewing survey results and having a dialogue about 2014.


Friday December 6th marks the forth installment of the Avenue’s First Friday Gallery Hop series. After popping into the UICA for some Holiday shopping continue down the Avenue for more quality artwork and handmade goods. This month we’re excited to welcome GRCC galleries on Fountain St! For more a list of all participating venues visit the Avenue for the Arts website.


For a full list of our events including December shopping suggestions visit


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